The Prowl


The Prowl Code of Ethics

  1. We will remain invested in seeking out, and safeguarding, the truth, upholding the highest level of journalistic integrity through constant fact checking and revising of our work.
  2. We will put forth one hundred percent of our potential at all times so as to produce the highest quality publication, thus nurturing our integrity.
  3. We will exclusively use credible sources to accumulate essential information and convey it with an impartial approach.
  4. We will remain considerate and sensitive during interviews, only asking necessary questions in order to produce accurate, comprehensive publications.
  5. We will admittedly amend our inaccuracies, striving to remain accountable as journalists. This is paramount to our success.
  6. We will be devoted to providing an equal voice for all members of the community.
  7. We will refrain from inserting our opinions into interviews and articles.
  8. We will, while publishing an article, maintain that we are not the owners of our work, but custodians, thus serving the community rather than ourselves.
  9. We will abstain from plagiarism so as to preserve journalistic purity, and promise to only publish stories that come solely from our own thoughts and research.
  10. We, the watchdogs, will protect and give power to the people, working tirelessly for justice and truth.
The Student News Site of Sonora High School