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BAYWATCH.  Photo taken at Regal Cinema 10

BAYWATCH. Photo taken at Regal Cinema 10

Brett Stewart

Brett Stewart

BAYWATCH. Photo taken at Regal Cinema 10

Brett Stewart and Kellen Phillips

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This is Baywatch beautiful students of Sonora High, and if you enjoy slow motion, action scenes, exploding objects, fit men and women, and a team building plot, you have got to go see this show.

Rotten Tomatoes critics give the movie a 20%, which is considered horrendous in most cases, but that shouldn’t deter you from checking it out.

Take one look at the cast and that should make a ticket appear in your hand.

All-star actor and former WWE superstar Dwayne “the rock” Johnson takes over the role of Mitch Buchannan; originally played by David Hasselhoff, who showed his face a few times throughout the film. Comedy actor Zac Efron becomes Matt Brody and Alexandra Daddario plays Summer Quinn, who has a weird relationship with Brody.

As for the original beach babe, C.J Parker was played by Kelly Rohrbach–the beach babe. Most people know the beach babe C.J. Parker as Pamela Anderson, who makes an explosive entrance near the movies end. Pamela was once every 90’s high school boy’s dream woman, and still may be.

Besides the royal lineup, the movie really does execute well by pleasing people’s entertainment needs.   

People love action, drama, sports, good actors, and crazy stuff. This movie wraps all of that into a bowling ball and strikes out perfectly into the audience’s lap.

This movie deserves the rating: “just do it” as Nike and Shia Labeouf say, because why not be entertained for a few hours, even if the movie really doesn’t benefit your life in any way? So toss that 20% rating aside, besides, it’s rotten (ironic) like the people who wrote it, and give it a 100% chance at making you laugh.

We do advise not going to this movie under the age required (17), as the movie does contain strong language and some inappropriate graphics. We hope that everyone gets out and enjoys the show.

                                              Wonder Woman

Suprema- the Wonder Woman was her original comic name, now just Wonder Woman showed to be a beast in the box office.

Going in to see this movie, there were high hopes with its surprising 94 percent rating on rotten tomato, the opposite of Baywatch. In its official opening weekend it cashed in a whopping sum of $223,000,000- crazy.

The movie really was outstanding with its compelling storyline, incorporating stunning fight scenes, great uses of slow motion, an amazing cast, and phenomenal graphics.

The two hour showing used every bit of its time to its fullest. It never wasted time on one thing, but rather engaged the audience all the way through with fluid transitions.

It began with a great background of who Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) is, and gave good foreshadowing as to who she would have to fight later in the show.

It’s found out that Wonder Woman’s father is Zeus and that back in the earliest part of time, Ares, the God of War, betrayed him and the other Gods.

The plot had a biblical feel to it and allowed people to relate. This tied in well because Diana was made by Zeus to one day destroy Ares and eventually would do so in the film.

The time period Wonder Woman sets out to find Ares is in WWI, a perfect fit for the God of War to appear in.

An awesome thing about the movie is that the women empowerment aspect is heavily present.                                                                          

The creators of Wonder Woman in 1941, William Marston and H.G. Peter were big fans of women activists and suffrage leaders. The character was actually created to represent them and has been an icon for women for around 70 years, so it was great to see the director embed this into the movie.

The movie was able to accomplish all its glory through its amazing cast. Gal Gadot( Wonder Woman), Chris Pine( Steve Trevor), David Thewlis( Ares), Danny Huston( General Ludendorff), and many others performed their roles to the best of their abilities and created an electrifying atmosphere around the movie.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet we urge you to grab a ticket, you won’t regret it. It will make you laugh, maybe cry, feel good, or feel all of that at once.

Like Wonder Woman said to Steve Trevor, “What is that?” Steve follows up with “It’s a watch.” He then tells her it tells time. Well we are here to tell you it’s time to go watch the wonderful Wonder Woman.

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