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Senior Prank Gone Wrong

Jessi McClenahan, News Editor

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As the 2016-17 school year came to a close, the question was thrown around if the seniors would participate in throwing a prank. In recent years, the leaving class broke the dress code one day or even rode scooters around the school in the morning. One year, they even smuggled beach balls into the graduation ceremony and released them at the end.

“I did hear a few rumblings that something might happen,” said principal Howell.

All in all, the prank has always been clever and rather funny until this year.

At the Rotation Rally on Friday, May 26, the seniors ended it by pelting principal Howell with tortillas in front of the entire school, which was an example to the future seniors to come.

“It was a classless act. Disgusting. The saddest part is that it showed younger generations what is okay to do,” said Mr. Roe, senior English teacher. “No one knew it was a prank because it wasn’t even funny.”

Considering the seniors are the class on campus that everyone else looks up to, some feel they were not a very good example to their peers.

“It was an example to the rest of the students for what is deemed ‘okay’ to do as a prank,” said Mr. Roe. “No one was laughing at the end of it because it was not funny at all and many did not even know it was a prank.”

“It wasn’t very good. I think if they were going to do a prank, they could have done something better,” said Maddison Hammerbeck, junior.

The origin of the prank linked back to a group of seniors just looking for something last minute and funny to do to finish out the year.

A previous class threw tortillas at the crowd during graduation; this year, the 2017 senior class wanted to recreate it, putting their own twist on it.

Instead of throwing the tortillas at the stands, they planned to throw them at Mr. Howell instead.

“The whole thing was kind of thrown together at the last minute, so it wasn’t the best idea,” said Janeese Venezuela, senior. “I was told that it was okay because Mr. Howell already knew it was going to happen, but when I found out that wasn’t true and he didn’t actually know about it, I felt pretty bad.”

According to senior Max Walker, the student who originally suggested the prank, he believed it was the best the class could do on such short notice.

“The staff was probably thinking we were imbeciles, and the lower classes were thinking that they could do better, even though they will probably do something equally as dumb as this,” said Walker.

Another problem with the prank was that most of the class did not even know it was the prank.

“It was immature and it wasn’t a senior prank,” said Haley Freemyer, senior. “It was a chance for the same seniors that participate in ditch day and everything to disgrace our senior class”

At the end of the day, something that was meant to be funny will be remembered as anything but.

Believe it or not, I can be a pretty big teaser. I love light-hearted jokes. And, I believe the organizers of this prank meant it this way,” said Howell.

Note to future seniors from Mr. Howell:

“It is just something that seniors, at the end of their time at the school, do. As long as it is done with good intentions, it does not hurt anyone, it does not defame any one, it does not destroy anything, it is legal, etc. I get it. If a senior prank ever turns malicious, breaks the law, or seeks to hurt someone in a harassing, intimidating, or bullying way, I have a huge problem with it.”

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Senior Prank Gone Wrong