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Brian Wong and Tomi Lane

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Finally, the moment all seniors have been waiting for: the end of senior projects. From May 24th to 25th, each senior gave a presentation to a group of judges on what they accomplished during their projects.  Although the presentation isn’t worth any points, it is a requirement to graduate.  The judges consisted of our very own SHS teachers, as well as community members. So, naturally, some seniors were nervous.

“At first, I was very scared; as I started going through, it just got better,” said Ian Schubert.

Other people enjoyed the extra attention from the judges.  Matt Tarantino’s project, a fundraiser for veterans in the community, was noticed by one of the judges who happened to be a former service member.

“I felt nice because there was a veteran who appreciated my project,” said Matt.

Whether the presentation was a good or bad experience, there are many seniors who wish they had done better on their projects. Time management, better known as procrastination, became an issue for more than a few seniors. Cody Jinks, for example, had many struggles with his project to build a forge, but in the end, he finished on time.

“I feel like I could have done everything over again better, but I feel happy with myself now,” said Cody.

He went on to say he thinks both the senior project and presentation are worth doing because it teaches students new skills, and shows if the student was prepared to take on a big project.

Ott Smith wrote an app for android phones, and thinks differently.

“The project is worth doing, but the presentation and all the minutiae is not worth it,” said Ott.

Mr. Roe, English teacher at Sonora High, explained that the true purpose of the senior project is for seniors to prove that they are ready for the real world by accomplishing a real goal.

“It shows themselves if they have the time management skills, and if they’ve truly learned what’s being taught in high school,” said Roe.

After completing such a harrowing project, seniors can rest easy knowing they only have one final step to freedom: the senior showcase, where the projects are put on display for the community.  

“Finishing is the best part, because it’s a good feeling when you’ve passed the hardship,” said Ott.

Brian Wong
SWEET MUSIC. Ian Schubert’s project was to manage and help distribute valograms this year.

Brian Wong
GET WITH THE PROGRAM. Ott Smith programmed an Android app that can be used to morph music and sounds.

Brian Wong
SUPPORTING TROOPS. Matt Tarantino held a talent show fundraiser for veterans.

Brian Wong
BENDING METAL. Cody Jinks built a blacksmith’s forge for his personal use

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