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First Year Varsity

David MacDonald, Reporter

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As a freshman, it can seem like many people do not expect a whole lot, or so it seems when first walking onto a new campus. It may seem as though freshman are like younger brothers and upperclassman are the older brothers.

Seeing it like that, freshman have it hard coming into high school. Being new to the school, there are a lot of expectations and receive respect from others. Except for one individual, he will get the most respect from the upperclassmen as a varsity runner.

Joziah Bradford, football player and track runner, is one of the most friendly, enthusiastic, and determined freshman. Joziah is coming to an end of his first season as a varsity track athlete. As a freshman, no one expects him to do any better than the juniors and seniors on varsity. He is wowing the team and coaches this year, just like CJ Castleman did as a freshman last year.

Bradford didn’t start the season going right into varsity. He had been a JV runner for about 2 weeks when Coach MacDonald asked if he would want to run varsity.

“Being on varsity as a freshman is cool but different. Some will say I only made varsity because of my skin color or because of my height,” stated Bradford “Besides that it’s a great experience.”  

With Bradford excelling in every event that he participates in, it’s very easy to see that he has a successful future ahead. In Varsity track, athletes must fight for their spot to continue onto divisionals.

“I’m at the top of the food chain now, but at the same time I’m still a freshman, I still have to fight to get the top spot,” said Bradford “Sometimes I forget that I’m a freshman when I lose going up against juniors and seniors.”

Track and Field is one of the most popular sports around the world. The Olympics are a great example of countries coming together in peace to participate in multiple sports.

One of the most famous and fastest athletes to watch is Usain Bolt.   “Bolt is my idol, the way he works and performs makes other athletes look like little kids,” said Bradford “He is an amazing athlete, And someday I wish to be in his shoes.”

With the season coming to an end Joziah will be completing his first year of varsity. After the 2017 season, he will have to prepare for more competition for years to come.

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